Our most important service is to secure the accompanying analyses of ecotoxicology
and open field studies. Simultaneously, we also offer customised solutions
in the following fields: method development and validation, residue behaviour,
determination of the contents of formulations, degradation, adsorption/desorption
and other studies within the framework of admission procedures of plant protection products
and chemicals under GLP conditions and according to the ISO or EU guidelines.

There are modern instrumental methods of analysis available to us in order to carry out
residue analyses of plant protection products in water, soil, plants and test organisms.

• HPLC: UV, DAD, fluorescence, RI, conductivity and mass spectrometry LC-MS as well as LC-MS / MS
• spectrometry: UV / VIS
• elementary analyses: AAS (Flame, GF, hydride), TOC, solid matter-TOC, flame photometer
• sample preparation: SPE, SPME, GPC, microwave digestion, ultrasound etc.
• special appliances: automatic analysers FIA, pH-robots for soils, respirometer