The most important services of our agricultural analysis are:

• Soil
–  determination of plant available nutrients according to VDLUFA methods
    (Nmin, macro- and micronutrients etc.)
–  determination of the required fertilizers for the most important crops
    in agriculture and grassland, using the BEFU-programme of the Saxonian State Institute for Agriculture
–  physical soil parameters
–  determination of heavy metals according to "Fachmodul Abfall"

• Plants
–  determination macro and micronutrients in plants
–  quality parameters in harvest samples (cereals, rape etc.)
–  analysis of plant samples, animal feed and renewable raw materials
–  compost and sewage sludge analysis

•  Spectrometry: UV / VIS
•  elemental analysis: AAS (Flame, GF, Hydrid), TOC, solid-TOC, flame photometer
•  sample preparation: microwave digestion, aqua regia digestion, ultrasound etc.
•  special devices: FIA-automatic analyser, pH-robots for soils, respirometer